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//Vectorly reinvents itself to maximize its impact on mobile learning

Vectorly reinvents itself to maximize its impact on mobile learning

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MIT News

It’s easy to make major changes to a startup in the early stages of its development. But when an entrepreneur has invested years into building a company, attracting employees and customers in the process, changing course can be a painful experience.

Sam Bhattacharyya learned that lesson firsthand in 2018, a year he calls the hardest of his life. Bhattacharyya is the CEO of Vectorly, a video compression company capable of reducing by tenfold the file size of geometric videos such as slide lectures, screencasts, and animations.

Vectorly is currently working with 12 companies in a pilot test and has processed over 2,000 videos using its vector graphics technology to date. By the end of 2019, the company hopes to be working with some of the largest video content providers in the world, saving them millions in cloud data costs and allowing them to increase their reach into emerging markets.

In many ways, Vectorly’s recent milestones are similar to those of most other successful startups. But the founders’ journey up to this point has been far more tumultuous: The once-heralded startup was reaching tens of thousands of people before its founders realized the path to scale could have it teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

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