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//The Unfinished Work of Vanu Bose

The Unfinished Work of Vanu Bose

By | 2018-03-26T16:56:39+00:00 March 20th, 2018|Innovators & Inventions|

by Jonathan Mingle | MIT Technology Review

A couple of years ago, Vanu Bose was driving down a dirt road in rural Rwanda searching for sites to install a new kind of cellular base station. Developed by his wireless-technology company, Vanu, Inc., the stations would be part of his plan to bring connectivity to a million Rwandans without coverage. But his companions, both veterans of the cellular industry, had assumed that, like every other cellular service provider, Bose sought places where other carriers were operating—areas in which to incrementally expand. So that’s where they kept taking him.

“After three hours of conversation in the car,” he recalls, “they finally said to me, ‘Oh I get it—you want to know the places where there is absolutely no coverage. We’ve never looked at those before.’”

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