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//Robotics camp ends with call for more investment

Robotics camp ends with call for more investment

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The New Times  (from Jan. 2018, but posted Jan. 2019)

With more investments, the future for robotics in Rwanda presents positive prospects, officials have said

The remarks were made on Saturday during the conclusion of the robotics camp in Kigali where students from different schools showcased what they can do after three-week training in the field.

The first of its kind, the camp kicked off three weeks ago bringing together at least 40 outstanding students aged between 14 years to 17 years (18 boys and 22 girls) drawn from 20 schools across the country.

Organised by Bank of Kigali TecHouse, the camp took place at Lycée de Kigali in Kiyovu and was facilitated by senior students from the US-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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