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What is MIT-Africa?

MIT-Africa is an initiative that promotes MIT’s Global Strategy to expand MIT connections with Africa. MIT-Africa is a point of entry for collaborations and programs pertinent to the continent, and serves as the hub of Africa-relevant communications for MIT faculty, students, trainees and staff.

MIT-Africa Team

Hazel Sive
Hazel SiveFaculty Director
Christian Prothmann
Christian ProthmannStrategy Advisor
Julia Reynolds-Cuellar
Julia Reynolds-CuellarEducation Coordinator
Megan Mitchell
Megan MitchellInnovation Coordinator
Ari Jacobovits
Ari JacobovitsStudent Opportunities Coordinator
Tunde Fafunwa
Tunde FafunwaAlumni Coordinator
Jemutai Christabel Sitienei
Jemutai Christabel SitieneiStudent Representative to MIT-Africa

MIT-Africa Working Group

Prof. Tayo Akinwade
Prof. Tayo AkinwadeElectrical Engineering and Computer Science
Julius Akinyemi
Julius AkinyemiMIT Media Lab
Georgina Campbell Flatter
Georgina Campbell FlatterLegatum Center at MIT
Prof. Gabriella Carolini
Prof. Gabriella CaroliniDepartment of Urban Studies and Planning
Prof. Ibrahim Cisse
Prof. Ibrahim CissePhysics Department
Prof. Phillip Clay
Prof. Phillip ClayDepartment of Urban Studies and Planning
Prof. Amah Edoh
Prof. Amah EdohMIT Global Studies and Languages
Prof. Elfatih Eltahir
Prof. Elfatih EltahirMIT Civil and Environmental Engineering
Prof. John Fernandez
Prof. John FernandezMIT Environmental Solutions Initiative
Prof. Evan Lieberman
Prof. Evan LiebermanPolitical Science Department
Prof. John Lienhard
Prof. John LienhardJ-WAFS
Prof. Clapperton Mavhunga
Prof. Clapperton MavhungaMIT Science Technology and Society
Rob Stoner
Rob StonerMIT Energy Initative
Prof. Kofi Taha
Prof. Kofi TahaD-Lab
Prof. Bruce Walker
Prof. Bruce WalkerInstitute for Medical Engineering and Science
Prof. Kamal Youcef-Toumi
Prof. Kamal Youcef-ToumiMechanical Engineering

Our Strategic Plan & Reports

The Strategic Plan for MIT Engagement in Africa was prepared by the MIT Africa Advisory Committee (AAC) in response to a request by Associate Provost for International Activities, Richard Lester.

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